Dimensional Highlighting Workshop 1


Hands-on Workshop with Master Educator Paul Vega, learn to create beautiful dimensional tones in your highlighting work.

Date: Mon, Apr 25 | Time: 9:30 AM – 3 PM PDT
Location: 6677 E 26th St, Commerce, CA 90040
: English & Spanish


You’ll Learn How To:

You’ll learn how to create incredible new looks by mastering Paul Vega’s highlighting techniques. Level up your hair artistry using abril et nature’s cutting-edge technology while learning the benefits of the haircare system. The price includes a doll head you’ll use for the workshop and take home.

Your Ticket Includes:

We Provide

  • New Dimensional Highlighting Techniques
  • Doll Head Stands
  • Printed Hand-out & Learning Materials
  • Working Products
  • Mixing Bowls & Brushes
  • Lightener/Bleach
  • Color & Developer (Peroxide)

You Bring

  • Clips
  • Flat Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • Styling & Detangling Brushes
  • Smock or Apron
  • Pen/Pencil & Paper
  • Food or Snacks for a Working Break

If you forget any tools, no worries, our store is fully equipped and can provide special pricing on any tools.

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Paul Vega @pvstylee on Instagram

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