Ultra Blonding & Toning Hands-on Workshop


Date: Mon, Mar 28 | Time: 9:30 AM–3:00 PM

Learn to create the ultimate blonde hair and tones for your clients, while preventing hair breakage.


You’ll Learn How To:

  • Set the right salon price for blonde hair services.
  • Unlock your creativity with tonality.
  • Achieve healthy blonde hair without breakage.

Taught in English and Spanish and led by Master Educators Paul Vega and Caesar Muñoz, you’ll learn new techniques to help you create blonde hair without breakage.

You’ll be provided with hair products by abril et nature, advanced hair care technologies that use stem cells to protect the hair from damage while revitalizing your clients hair to look shiny, beautiful and healthy. With these products, you’ll learn now to stop breakage, and achieve up to 32 shades of tonality to service a wide range of clients.

Your Ticket Includes

abril et nature products:

We Provide

  • Blonding Techniques That Will Stop Breakage
  • Doll Head Stands
  • Printed Learning Materials
  • Working Products
  • Mixing Bowls & Brushes
  • Lightener/Bleach
  • Color & Developer (Peroxide)

You Bring

    • Clips
    • Flat Iron
    • Blow Dryer
    • Styling & Detangling Brushes
    • Smock or Apron
    • Pen/Pencil & Paper
    • Food or Snacks for a Working Break

Learn from Master Hair Educators

Learn from Master Hair Educator Paul Vega @pvstylee on Instagram

Paul Vega @pvstylee on Instagram

Learn from Master Hair Educator Caesar Muñoz @cppbeauty on Instagram

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