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About International Hair Care Technologies

Caesar Muñoz smiling with confidence, Founder & CEO of, International Hair Care Technologies, Formerly: Caesar's Professional Products, the best beauty supply store in Los Angeles, CA

Caesar Muñoz

Founder & CEO,
International Hair Care Technologies

About International Hair Care Technologies (IHCT), and our founder: Caesar Muñoz.

Firstly, Caesar’s always had a creative mind. Hence, he began his career as a hair stylist and fashion designer. However, cosmetology and the life of a hair stylists soon took over.

Now, he has over 20 years of industry experience, and several sales awards. As a result of his hard work and the team of experts he brought alongside him, the company grew stedfast.

Early in his cosmetology career, Caesar discovered his passion for hair chemistry and product technologies. With this passion, he soon became a sales rep for Joico hair products. Thereafter, in 2008, he founded Caesar’s Professional Products, Inc. Thus, paving the way for a new legacy of international hair care.

Today, the company has evolved to carry products from all over the world. With this in mind, Caesar rebranded his company so to reflect this evolution. Thus, International Hair Care Technologies (IHCT), was born.

Caesar now works diligently on designing International Hair Care Education. With the purpose of supporting cosmetologists throughout their careers from student to salon.

Contact Caesar, to book a pop-in education session.

Víctor Benitez smiling with joy and happiness, at International Hair Care Technologies

Víctor Benítez

Operations Director,
International Hair Care Technologies

Víctor Benítez, has been helping customers scale their salon business for over 5 years due to the expertise he shares. He combines his financial knowledge with the business nuance of the hair industry.

As a result, he provides the best customer service the beauty industry has to offer. Víctor is one of the most charismatic and joyful members on the team.

Customers love working with him because of his kindness and ability to support your salon business needs. Víctor is one of the most helpful and pleasant people to work with on the International Hair Care Team.

Not only does he study business, but her also has a love and passion for music. He brings that joy and passion into every interaction at IHCT. Somehow, Víctor always finds a way to bring your salon the support it needs. With his love for musical composition, you’ll feel every whimsical conversation is a joyous interaction.

Contact Víctor, if you’re interested in sub distribution of the IHCT brands.

Rebecca Burgos smiling with confidence, at International Hair Care Technologies

Rebecca Burgos

Customer Relations Director, International Hair Care Technologies

Rebecca Burgos, has served the hair industry for over 10 years. She started at Cosmoprof as a sales rep helping salon owners, hair stylists, and cosmetologists, grow their business. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Rebecca moved up the ranks and became a manager of her own store.

Since then, Rebecca joined the International Hair Care Team. Now, she is one of the most knowledgeable and personable people you will ever meet. Not only is she full of hair care tips and tricks, she’s also savvy with salon business.

Customers love Rebecca because she always goes the extra mile to give the best promos that IHCT has to offer. Further, she knows the ins-and-outs of the industry because of her close ties to the cosmetology industry for years.

Contact Rebecca, if you need help with hair products, usage, returns, salon promo pricing, or general questions.

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Who We Are

We’re a team of hair care experts, educators, hair stylists, and salon owners. Hence, we understand the needs of cosmetologist, salon owners, stylists, and barbers in the hair industry.

We provide access to quality products, tools, appliances, sundries, and salon education.

Our Mission

Provide hair salons with the finest salon products.

Offer tailored solutions that fit your salon business needs, no matter your size and style.

Create customized orders for salon owners, hair stylists, freelance stylists, booth renters, and cosmetology students.

Help your grow your salon business sales revenue through education.

Host ongoing hair education for hair stylists to advance their careers.

Hair Experience

We are industry experts who’ve been working in the cosmetology, hair salon, fashion, and beauty industry for over 10 years.

When you work with our International Hair Care Team, you work with years of industry knowledge and expertise.

Our Legacy

Founded in 2001, Caesar’s Professional Products (CPP), has distributed high-quality hair care products with the best ingredients technology has to offer. Our Passion is haircare with cutting-edge chemistry.

Top Brands to Know About International Hair Care Technologies

High Quality Hair Products for Your Salon Business

Tec Italy Due Faccetta Massimo 10.14 oz

Tec Italy

Top selling product: Due Faccetta Massimo. Visit the official Tec Italy website, and discover why stylists explicitly love these salon products.

Tall slender white bottle with spray nozzle for Firenze Professional: Keratin Protein Spray (10oz)

Firenze Professional

Top selling product: Keratin Protein Spray. Visit the official Firenze Professional website, and discover why stylists explicitly love these salon products.

abril et nature

Top selling product: Fast Blow Drying Spray. Visit the official abril et nature website, and discover why stylists explicitly love these salon products.

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