The Fusion of Nature and Science Tec Italy Hair Dimension

Tec Italy

The Fusion of Nature and Science Tec Italy Hair Dimension
The Fusion of Nature and Science

Professional products that empower you to create the ultimate hair care. To that end, Tec Italy product collection continues to grow to meet the needs of hair stylists everywhere. As a result, Tec Italy products have become essential tools for stylists all around the world.

In addition, patented ingredients are imbued throughout the line: Which provide moisture, reconstruction, and nourishment for your hair. For that reason, you can create beautiful and healthy hair using natural ingredients. To sum up, this hair brand provides you with the perfect balance between:

  • Health,
  • Fashion,
  • and Beauty.

What are the Tec Italy Hair Dimensions?

3 of the Tec Italy Heal Dimension products positioned side by side.

Heal Dimension

Provides deep reconstruction that targets the hair structure, in this case, to heal from the core. Overall, these products are best for repairing damaged hair.

Moisture Dimension

Significantly hydrates your hair. With this in mind, these products were designed with natural ingredients that provide moisture to dry and damaged hair.

Artist Dimension

Specifically designed for chemical services in the salon. Without a doubt, this is a high performance line for professionals who need specialized products for salon services.

Balance Dimension

Products created for scalp care while designed to balance and strengthen the capillary strand. In effect, fostering a climate for healthy hair growth.

Color Dimension

Color care products designed to protect and prolong your hair color’s life. For this reason, these products support your hair with long-lasting and vibrant colors.

Shine Dimension

Explicitly designed for softer and shinier hair results. With this intention, these products instantly recover your hair’s natural shine and essential oils.

Design Dimension

Specifically for styling and finishing your hair styles. For this reason, these products allow you to get creative and style to your best potential.

Men Dimension

Chiefly designed for men’s hair styles. With this in mind, these products provide the tools to create en vogue men’s fashion looks while giving the stylists more control.

Tec Italy Designer Color

Explicitly created for professional hair stylists. As a result, this line provides hair technology for total grey coverage while providing vibrant and rich hair colors.

Top Tec Italy Products

Tec Italy Due Faccetta Massimo

Due Faccetta Massimo provides moisture and repairs hair, while nourishing and making it stronger. For this reason, its the number one product, and used by hair stylists all around the world. Find out why.

Tec Italy Due Faccetta Lunga Durata

Due Faccetta Lunga Durata provides moisture, sun protection, and designed for color-treated hair. Seals the cuticle stopping the loss of color. Even more, it helps to detangle the hair making it easier to style.

Tec Italy Due Faccetta Giorno Per Giorno

Due Faccetta Giorno Per Giorno provides long lasting hydration, detangles, and provides anti-frizz benefits. As a result, this product makes your hair easier to style and manage. Its best for normal to dry hair types, and great for children’s hair.

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