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abril et nature: Stem Cells for Hair Has Arrived

Reinventing Professional Hair Styling

The abril et nature products with stem cells are sourced from fruits. Stem cells represent one of the most exciting fields in modern biology. They have significant characteristics, and they’re a key factor in the regeneration of the skin and hair.

Benefits of abril et nature

Take Your Styling to the Next Level

Stem Cells for Hair Care Provide Regenerative Power

2 properties distinguish Stem Cells from normal ones: They create a wide range of specialized cells of the same tissue. Further, they have the capacity to renew and regenerate themselves throughout the whole life of a person.

  • Stem Cells Repair Hair
  • Hyaluronic Acid Provide Deep Hydration
  • Non-comedogenic (Doesn’t Block Your Scalp’s Pores)
  • Client’s Who Try it Love it
  • Effective & Incredible Hair Results
  • Beautiful Texture, Shine, and Silky Smooth Hair
  • Products for Every Hair Stylists’ Needs

English Catalogs

abril et nature: Product Catalog

Wetline Catalog

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Color Catalog

Download the PDF catalog of the abril NatureColor series.

Color Gamma Swatch Book

Download the PDF of the abril NatureColor gamma.

Español Catálogos

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Catálogo de colores

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New Arrivals

abril et nature: Fast Blow Dry Trio

Introducing the all new fast blow dry trio by abril et nature. 3 Products that every hair stylists can use.

3 essential salon products that cover a range of hair clients while empowering stylists to blow dry and style faster.

Blonde & Blonde

An advanced bleach powder that conditions, fortifies, and protects the hair while lifting up to 9 levels. This bleach is special because it does not expand in the mixing bowl or while processing, giving your more control over your lightening application.

  • Lifts up to 9 Levels
  • Cuticle Protection
  • Hair Hydration
  • Vegan Hair Bleach
  • Moisturizing Ingredients help maintain consistency for accurate application

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Bring the Future of Hair Products into Your Salon with Stem Cells

Hair Colorist Education: Certificate Program

Become an abril et nature Top Colorists

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Learn from master hair educators Paul Vega and Caesar Muñoz: How to become a top abril et nature hair colorist. Our 15 hours hands-on hair education workshop series will grow your skillset as a professional hair stylists to help you master color mixing and hone your creativity.

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Premiere abril et nature Education Center

The Comb Institute

For continuous hair education to master your craft join The Comb Institute. You’ll learn from master hair stylists and educators: How to take your hair styling skills to an advanced level.

Altogether these courses provide continuous hair education for cosmetologists and barbers that allow you to sharpen your techniques. Prove you have more to offer to your hair clients with advanced education using abril et nature technology and sign up for The Comb Institute today.

Meet the Founders of abril et nature

Created for Hair Stylists by Hair Stylists

Founded in 1998, abril et nature was founded by two talented hair stylists: Pedro Abril and Antonio Vazquez. Now, abril et nature, has become one of the leading Spanish companies in the hairdressing industry, due to its advanced hair technology.

As a result of their years of experience in the hairdressing industry, constant research, entrepreneurial and trendsetting attitude, they have created of high quality and innovative product line, which aims to satisfy all the needs of professionals. This has led to a national recognition of the company and has given way to international expansion. Currently, our distribution network allows our products to be purchased by the most prestigious beauty salons in more than 38 countries in the world.