International Hair Care Technologies Business Opportunities

Career Opportunities

At International Hair Care Technologies (IHCT) we have sales positions available that consist of business to business (BTB) salon sales. Each sales rep has a designated territory and route. Sales Reps are responsible for educating on all hair care brands and salon essentials in IHCT’s portfolio. As well as opening new salons within the designated territory. Reps are paid by commission.

If you’re the type of person looking to run a sub distribution company, we have that opportunity available as well. It consists of a buy-in. You can carry one line, or become a multiline distributor. A designated territory will be assigned. You would be responsible for maintaining an inventory of products, sales staff, accounting, and all daily functions of operations. Whichever path you prefer, we have 2 great business paths for you to grow within the hair care industry.

Our Founder’s Story

Welcome to International Hair Care Technologies (IHCT). IHCT, formerly known as Caesar’s Professional Products, Inc. (CPP), and was founded in 2001 by, Caesar Muñoz, President and CEO. Caesar began his career in 1987, when he enrolled in Mr. Dominic’s School of Beauty.

During Caesar’s time in school, he attended a class taught by a product educator. At this time, Caesar was very interested by the hair care system that was being presented.

Caesar began purchasing the products and selling them to his client’s during his time in school. Caesar graduated in 1989, and was selling a lot of product.

One day the owner of the distribution company came up to Caesar and complimented him on his sales ability offering him a sales position. Caesar excitingly accepted the offer.

Two weeks after graduation beauty school, Caesar began his sales journey. He would visit salons Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Afterwards, Caesar would begin doing hair clients from 6 pm, sometimes working all the way until 2 am the next morning.

In 1998, the manufacturing company had a national sales distributor convention, held in Las Vegas. Caesar was presented with the national sales away for highest sales volume for the 13 western states of America.

Caesar left the sales position at the end of 1999. He continued doing hair full time and started doing skin care on Sundays. Caesar maintained this busy work schedule all throughout 2000.

Caesar missed sales, so in 2001, he established Caesar’s Professional Products, Inc. He was committed to selling products that had hair care systems and advanced chemistry that he could educate on. For 2 years, Caesar ran the new distribution company by himself, and still styled hair from 6 pm into the late evenings.

In 2003, Caesar hired the first employee of CPP, who would run the business operations for the budding company. This freed Caesar’s schedule, allowing him to be proactive by visiting new salons and gaining new business for the company.

Caesar did hair from his guest house behind his garage, and his garage soon became his warehouse. Caesar’s living room and dinning rooms were quickly transformed into business offices to help the business grow. At the end of 2010, CPP had 20, 10 x 20 feet storage units filled to brim with hair care products.

Overtime, CPP had completely outgrown the capacity of the storage facility, so on July 4, 2011, Caesar moved his entire business operation into a 7,200 square foot building, located in the city of Commerce, California. The facility has a professional store, education center, and houses all of the salon professional hair products distributed by CPP.

July 4, 2021, was CPP’s 10 year anniversary in the Commerce, CA, location. This has been a blessing and a great journey. Caesar has had the opportunity of a 32 year hair dressing career and a 20 year distribution company. His career has allowed him to educate about hair care systems as well asa color theory. Caesar has collaborated directly with the manufacturers chemist to research and develop quality hair care products.

Caesar’s next big adventure is developing a hair care product and color line that will be sold on the international market in 2022.

Letter from the President & CEO: Caesar Muñoz

To all my fellow cosmetologist, we have such a diverse and dynamic industry. With so many opportunities that we can leverage our talents in so many ways, that you can’t ever be bored.

This story of mine, which is only one of so many, I hope inspires you to pursue your dreams. I must confess that this journey of 32 years has taken commitment, discipline, and lots of sacrifice. There’s no easy way, or get rich schemes, that will make your dreams manifest any faster. It’s a day-by-day process. So, enjoy yourself on your journey, because days turn into weeks, weeks into month, and month into years.

International Hair Care Technologies has over 12 sub distributors, 8 in-house employees. I could not be more blessed to have all of these people on my team. So, the question for you is: How do you make IHCT’s journey, your business opportunity?