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Kostume Rio de Janeiro hair products were created using natural ingredients from the vibrant environment. Because of this, the Kostume Rio de Janeiro hair products make your hair look beautiful and feel silky smooth.

Kostume was Born in the Heart of Brazil

Kostume emerged in 2006 to introduce to the Brazilian professional market, with all its diversities and trends, products developed with very special raw materials and concepts. After 5 years, already established as a great national and international success, the brand adds “Rio de Janeiro” as a complement to its signature. An homage to the inspiring city of its work and a major global fashion reference. In Kostume Rio de Janeiro, we combine international expertise in hair care with the diverse styles of Brazil.

About Kostume Rio de Janeiro

Kostume is located in the beauty capital of the world: Brazil. Kostume creates technologically advanced hair care products. The word Beauty and Brazil are two words almost synonymous with each other.

Kostume is focused on its commitment to the unique Brazilian ecosystem, by developing innovative products that support the everyday life of the female universe.

Kostume is dedicated to constant research for solutions that meet the needs of the dynamic beauty market.

Kostume Rio de Janeiro Hair Brand, with Model Holding the Best Hair Care Products: K Fiber.

Why Kostume?

Kostume is about innovation and actively participating in the everyday beauty of women. In Kostume, quality and effectiveness go hand in hand. All Kostume products undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure high performance. The formulas are made with natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. Additionally, Kostume uses recyclable packaging, contributing to the environment. These factors set Kostume apart from its competitors.

Kostume Rio de Jeneiro Female Brown Hair Model Showing Off Hair Product Results

Kostume Hair Products

Features & Benefits

  • High performance in results: Kostume products deliver exceptional performance, ensuring effective and noticeable results.
  • Concentrated formulas: Kostume products are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, allowing them to combat deep damage and provide intense care.
  • Commitment to the experience: Kostume values the overall experience of using their products. From the sensory aspects to the effectiveness, they strive to create a satisfying and enjoyable beauty routine for their customers.

Kostume Launches: K Fiber

Force, Equilibrium, Movement in Hair Care

Luxurious Synergies for Your Hair

Hyaluronic Acid

A rich molecule that works not to fill two worn spaces. Gives hair fiber elasticity and balance.


Amino acid responsible for increasing the resistance to breakage, leaving the fiber much longer forte.


Increases the resistance of collagen fibers favoring firmness, emollience and movement.

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