Tec Italy Vibrant Colors

Tec Italy Vibrant Colors Series with 2 rows of the products in silver and colorful tubes.

The Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dye You Can Buy

Designed for color mixing and blending, Tec Italy Vibrant Colors Series, allow you to create a range of rich and vibrant colors, or soft and beautiful pastels. This series series gives you the ultimate color customization thanks to their flexible mixing capabilities. Further, you don’t need to add any harsh chemicals. The colors work straightaway, right from the tube to your hair. And with its long-lasting results (up to 30 washes), you’ll enjoy vibrant new look for weeks to come.

Features & Benefits

  • Fantasy Color Series: Semi-Permanent / Demi-Permanent Hair Dye
  • Works Right Away (Without Developer and Harsh Chemicals)
  • Designed for Mixing & Blending to Create Unlimited Color Possibilities
  • Long-Lasting Results (Up to 30 Washes)
  • Vegan & Animal Cruelty Free

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Showing all 6 results