Firenze Professional: Color Care Ampoule Leave-in (12ampoules/0.5oz)


Color Care Benefits

  • Enahnce Your Hair Color
  • Prevents Color Fading
  • Protect from Sun Damage

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Color Care

Firenze Professional Color Care protects the brightness and intensity of your hair color. Its efused with sun filters that prevent damage to the capillary strand’s cuticle due to exposure to UVA & UVB light radiation. As a result, it strengthens and repairs your hair making your color last longer.

Color Care contains Chamomile, which relieves scalp sensitivity after applying color, as well as Provitamin B5, which balances the scalp, providing more vitality to the hair, resulting in a brighter color that lasts longer.

Best Used For

  • Color Treated Hair
  • Enhancing Color Intensity
  • Preventing Color Fading