Firenze Professional: Cuticle Restore Ampoule (Leave-in) (12ampoules/0.5oz)


Cuticle Restore Benefits

  • Reconstructs Damaged Hair
  • Provides Moisture
  • Silky Smooth Hair
  • Stops Hair Breakgage


Cuticle Restore

Firenze Professional Cuticle Restore uses hair micro-adhesive technology to provide deep reconstruction to your hair’s internal structure. It contains nano-spheres of botanical extracts, proteins, vitamins, essential oils, and ceramides, which penetrate into the cortex, as well as nourishing the cuticle to rejuvinate your hair. These nano-spheres are timed released and repair throughout the day at the cuticle level and the internal structure, as a result, it leaves your hair shiny, soft, and restored.

Further, Cuticle Restore helps repair hair and stop hair breakage. Using Hair Micro Adhesive (HMA) technology, which consists of nano-spheres that gradually deposit small quantities of silicones, vitamins and ceramides throughout the day, that keep the capillary strand healthier for a longer time. The Cuticle Restore product line contains vitamin F that makes hair silkier, and vitamin P that acts as an antioxidant.

Best Used For

  • Damaged Hair
  • Smoothing Hair Texture
  • Repairing Internal Structure
  • Creating Soft & Shiniy Hair