Tec Italy S3 Step 2 (Liter)


Only Sold to Licensed Cosmetologists

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Tec Italy Designer Color

The Tec Italy Designer Color series are advanced, cream based, hair colors: Exclusively designed for licensed cosmetologists use only.

Tec Italy S3: Progressive Hair Smoothing Treatment

Create smooth texture and straight hair using Tec Italy’s S3.

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Tec Italy S3: Smooth, Straight, Strong Hair

Progressive hair smoothing treatment. Transforms hair texture leaving a smooth, shiny and frizz-free result. Respects strands integrity, improving manageability and silkiness. Developed with amino acids that provides strength and resilience to hair structure. It is safe and effective for all hair types: Color treated hair, lightened, fine or coarse hair.

Finish the hair styling with heat tools. Natural straight hair will be smoother. Helps relax the curls in curly hair. Followup applications are recommended to progressively relax texture hair.