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About Tec Italy Hair Dimension

The Fusion of Nature and Science Tec Italy Hair Dimension
The Fusion of Nature and Science Tec Italy Hair Dimension

Founded in 1995, Tec Italy Hair Dimension was created as a result of Italian, European, and ancient Mesoamerican technologies. Altogether, Tec Italy products are derived from 100% natural ingredients using fruits, herbs, and medicinal plants that provide nutrients to create healthy hair styles.

What Makes Tec Italy Hair Dimension So Good?

Revitalize and Enhance Your Hair Color with Tec Italy Hair Dimensions
Revitalize and Enhance Your Hair Color with Tec Italy Hair Dimensions

Tec Italy is an innovative, high quality, professional line: Designed for the ultimate hair care. With this in mind, the 6 patented complexes provide layers of care needed to keep hair healthy and sexy. For this purpose, Tec Italy reinvigorates and maintains the natural structure of hair.

The 6 Patented Complexes of Tec Italy Hair Dimension

The 6 patented complexes are are based on the ancient Aztec and Mayan herbal fusions and enhanced with patented technologies. These ingredients penetrate the hair’s targeted areas of weakness. They repair damage and provide anti-aging benefits, while delivering moisture and nutrients.


A revolutionary hair strengthening reconstructor. With this purpose in mind, it has natural fortifying ingredients derived from keratin, silk, and wheat protein.


A botanical complex that provides moisture to hair, and helps control seborrhea with antiseptic properties.


A scientifically engineered hair protector formulated using the most advanced silicones. For that reason, it provides maximum moisture and structural protection to the hair.


A concentrate of botanical complexes that provide antioxidant protection against free radicals, airborne pollutants, and other environmental threats that cause damaged hair.


A complex composed of protective and moisturizing micro-molecules, which boosts the performance and longevity of hair color by aligning the cuticle and repairing compromised hair.


A complex of botanical ingredients, conditioners, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, sun filters, and ceramides.

In Summary, What is Tec Italy Hair Dimension?

Without a doubt, Tec Italy provides hair stylists with the perfect balance between health, fashion, and beauty. With this intention, the it was designed to empower stylists with the highest degree of hair care. To that end, the collection continues to grow to meet the needs of hair stylists everywhere. As a result, Tec Italy products have become essential tools for stylists all over the world.

What Next?

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Arium Hair Loss System Product Catalog (2020)

Tec Italy Arium hair loss products: 3 bright white bottles with spray nozzles at the top that allow them to spray onto the scalp for theraputic care.

Arium is hair loss pro-scalp-health system that resolves problems at the scalp (root), while also promoting growth, condition and strong hair. Arium 3 Step System. Treatments that cleans, moisturizes and directly deposits antioxidants, natural extracts and vitamins to the scalp and hair. Includes proteins, amino acids and oils that moisturize and promote optimum hair growth. Helps strengthen the hair strands and prevents adverse situations in the scalp.

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abril et nature Product Catalog (2020)

abril et nature's hair model with her hand lightly touching her face looking downwards and her hair in a large beautifully woven updo.

abril et nature provides a range of products which conforms to the stylist needs. Being able to understand these needs and turning them into reality, is our main objectives. For this reason we deal with an absolute accuracy, all the phases of research, production and putting on the marked, in its entirety, just like, the training and after sales service to our customers.

Our competitive strategy is based on the foundation of innovation, vanguard and quality. abril et nature products arise as a consequence of our cutting-edge research, based on the use of an assortment of highly effective active ingredients. abril et nature products, it brings together trend, quality and effectiveness, by dint of our dedication and effort.

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Tec Italy Product Catalog (2020)

Tec Italy Due Faccetta Massimo, Giorno Per Giorno, and Lunga Durata, 3 products side by side in blue, green, and orange bottles with elegant curves giving the product a high fashion aesthetic.

Tec Italy is the dynamic, innovative, high-quality professional line designed for ultimate hair care. Created with European and American technology, Tec Italy integrates exclusive botanical compounds into its more than 85 products. These nutritional, moisturizing and reconstructive ingredients provide the multi-dimensional care needed to keep hair healthy and attractive. With utmost respect for the structure of the hair shaft, at Tec Italy we strive to offer our clients the perfect balance between health, fashion and beauty. Our products have become an essential tool for beauty professionals.