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Tec Italy Product Catalog (2022)

The New Tec Italy products in their redesigned and colorful pastel and shiny packages organized by hair categories that target specific results.


The Tec Italy Product Catalog Features the Best in Hair Care

The Tec Italy product catalog exist is to showcase the creation of products that use innovative technologies and plant-based ingredients for hair and salon stylists. Further, Tec Italy products are using modern technology to drive forward into the future of hair care. Focusing on plant-based ingredients, together with strengthening their commitment to sustainability by reducing plastic use. Altogether, Tec Italy is at the forefront of the hair and beauty industry. As a result, Tec Italy products support barbers, stylists, cosmetologist, and their clients all over the world.

The New Tec Italy products in their redesigned, colorful pastel, and shiny packages showing the top products from each category that targets specific hair results.

The New Evolution of Tec Italy Product Catalog Has Arrived

A Redesigned Image for Tec Italy’s Iconic Bottle

Without delay, the package redesign has launched, and features a stylish prism shape with a new twist-off lid. As a result of the redesign, products are more sustainable. With attention to detail, this unique bottle differs from all other hair products on the market.

Sustainability Commitment

A More Sustainable Future for Tec Italy

Tec Italy is committed to creating a product packaging that balances the needs of the the world, without compromising its future. With this in mind, the new packaging reduces the use of virgin plastic by 33%, compared to the former design. While also integrating HDPE and PP, which are two of the most recyclable types of plastics on the planet.

A New Way & A New Tec Italy Product Catalog

Same Formula, Same Performance

The new packaging maintains the same excellent performance. Now that the Tec Italy formulas use over 50 different botanical and other natural ingredients, the products enrich your hair styles to the best quality results. As a result, providing you with the highest quality hair products at the best price. What’s more, Tec Italy is the best brand for cost to benefit ratio within the hair industry.

Tec Italy Integrates:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Ingredients
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

Altogether, at an excellent price that supports hair professionals all around the world.

Download the Tec Italy Product Catalog (2022) (EspaƱol)

Learn About the Latest Product Innovations from Tec Italy

English catalog coming soon.

What’s Next?

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Arium Hair Loss System Product Catalog (2020)

Tec Italy Arium hair loss products: 3 bright white bottles with spray nozzles at the top that allow them to spray onto the scalp for theraputic care.

Arium is hair loss pro-scalp-health system that resolves problems at the scalp (root), while also promoting growth, condition and strong hair. Arium 3 Step System. Treatments that cleans, moisturizes and directly deposits antioxidants, natural extracts and vitamins to the scalp and hair. Includes proteins, amino acids and oils that moisturize and promote optimum hair growth. Helps strengthen the hair strands and prevents adverse situations in the scalp.

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Tec Italy Product Catalog (2020)

Tec Italy Due Faccetta Massimo, Giorno Per Giorno, and Lunga Durata, 3 products side by side in blue, green, and orange bottles with elegant curves giving the product a high fashion aesthetic.

Tec Italy is the dynamic, innovative, high-quality professional line designed for ultimate hair care. Created with European and American technology, Tec Italy integrates exclusive botanical compounds into its more than 85 products. These nutritional, moisturizing and reconstructive ingredients provide the multi-dimensional care needed to keep hair healthy and attractive. With utmost respect for the structure of the hair shaft, at Tec Italy we strive to offer our clients the perfect balance between health, fashion and beauty. Our products have become an essential tool for beauty professionals.

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Tec Italy S3 Progressive Hair Straightning System (Smooth, Straight, Strong)

Tec Italy S3 Progressive Straightening System (Smooth, Straight, Strong) Product Shot
Tec Italy S3 Progressive Straightening System (Smooth, Straight, Strong) Product Shot

Deep cleansing shampoo for the hair and scalp. Its formula eliminates oil build-up, cosmetic residue, chlorine and minerals in the hair that may interfere with the progressive hair smoothing treatment.

Progressive hair smoothing treatment. Transforms hair texture leaving a smooth, shiny, and frizz-free result. Maintains hair integrity, improving manageability and silkiness. Developed with amino acids that provide strength and resilience to hair structure. It is safe and effective for all hair types: Color-treated hair, lightened, fine or coarse hair.

Finish hairstyling with heat tools. Natural straight hair will be smoother. Helps relax the curls in curly hair. Later applications are recommended to progressively relax texture hair over time.